Car wash valuation is complex and requires an individualistic and systematic approach. The valuation of a car wash is complicated as market data is difficult to obtain by the typical appraiser.

There are an estimated 80,000+ facilities in the United States comprised of the following six types of commercially operated car washes:

  • Hand wash
  • Detail
  • Rollover/high pressure
  • Self-service (automatic and non-automatic)
  • Exterior-Only & Express Exterior
  • Full Service & Flex Service

The demand for a car wash is primarily a function of demography, site and location characteristics, and competitive factors.

Advances in technology and growth of the internet have made locating a car wash easier and quicker for motorists. Today’s higher-performance conveyor and in-bay systems clean, shine, and protect better.

Technology that allows transaction flexibility, target marketing capabilities, and 24-hour customer support built into machines will continue to play an increasing role in transforming the car wash to deliver the convenient and interactive encounter younger consumers expect.

No matter the car wash segment, most operators are not conducting business as they did in the past. This creates a need to re-evaluate the efficiency of an operation, the complexity of the local marketplace and the cost of doing business.